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Eggtober-fest 2009

LC and I made the pilgrimage to the BGE headquarters for the 12th annual Eggtoberfest Oct 16th and 17th 2009.  We left Fort Lauderdale, Florida on the 14th with 84 degrees and sunshine only to land in Atlanta, Ga in 51 degrees and gray rainy skies.  We picked up the rental and set out to Buckhead, Ga stopping along the way at the Super H, asian market. OMG, what a place. It even had a food court that we just had to have lunch in.  This aint your mall food court. This is the real deal. If you want a hot dog, pizza, or hambuger, you are in the wrong place.  We got checked in to our room and got ready to go to Rod's (Fidel) house to help celebrate his "burf-day".
There must have been 50 or more eggheads. I met so many eggheads that I have "talked" with on the forum, but have never met. A special Bubba and LC KUDOs, go out to Kim and Ginny for the taxi service, the help, and kindness that they showed us. The next day we drove down to the host hotel and got checked in. Later that night we took the shuttle to the meet and greet and continued to meet new and familar Eggheads way to many to list.  What a spread they put out inside the warehouse.  BGE as far as the eye could see stacked all the way up to the roof. The next day a few of us got up at 0530 and went over and set up. Mike, Gene, Neil, and I pick out a nice dry area under some trees to set up. It only took about 45 minutes and we were done.  In the EZ-up that we were under had 2 BGEs and 7 cooks. Mike and Sabrina, Neil and Julie, Anna, and LC and myself. We all had a blast cooking, drinking, and meeting fellow eggheads. Below is a slide show of the fun. Enjoy....

The Florida Mini-Fest is held at the Tuckaway Shores Resort.


Culinary Combat

                              Deul on The Decks, Atlanta, Ga  4/18/09










































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